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JDM Bible School & Midwest College of Theology

JDM BIBLE SCHOOL is a ministry under the covering of John Davis Ministries.  The purpose of our school is to develop leadership, impart Powerful Bible knowledge and discipleship.  We have partnered with Midwest College of Theology as a satellite extension hosting classes online.  MCT is a fully accredited Bible College offering several degree programs that are very affordable with thousands of students graduating and enhancing their lives, ministries and increasing their opportunities.


To explore enhancing your Biblical education and accredited degrees that are available to you click on the link to find out more information.  You can fill out an application online and get started right away.

To get started Look over the Student Catalogue

      To view the Student Catalogue Click Here

Link to Courses

Associates Degree Program

Associates Offer - 12 Monthly Payments

Associates Offer - Pay in Full Option

Associates Offer - Bi-Weekly

Bachelors Degree Program

Bachelors Degree - 12 Monthly Payments


Bachelors Degree - Weekly


Bachelors Degree - Bi-Weekly

Bachelors Degree - Payment in Full

Biblical Hebrew 101


John Davis Ministries

Revival Ambassador to Branson

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