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  Evangelist John Davis has traveled the nations for over 40 years in revival ministry.  He traveled as the Ambassador for the Pensacola Outpouring. The “Pensacola Outpouring” began at the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola, Fl on Fathers Day 1995. More than four million people from all around the world attended with over three hundred thousand conversions. 

  The revival was featured in many newspapers, magazines and television news stories around the world including The Washington Post, New York Times, Time, News Week, Charisma, ABC's 20/20 and CBN's 700 Club.
  In 1991 Dr. Yonggi Cho of Korea prophesied that God would send revival to America and it would begin in a seaside city of Pensacola Florida and then it would spread like fire until all America was consumed by it.

  God is using Evangelist Davis to spread the fire to the nations. His ministry has taken him from the Church house to the White house. During a six-month period, he saw over twenty thousand conversions as well as many documented healings. Everyone is urged to come and be a part of this anointed ministry when John Davis is in your area. Special prayer will be available for everyone.

We pray this site has been a blessing to you. 
Please pray that God will use it to bless 
others and spread revival!

God bless you!

John Davis Ministries

Revival Ambassador to Branson

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